Our works have earned EMMY, CINE, Philo, Aurora, Aegis, and Telly recognition.

RSI: Controlling Distracted Driving 2012 – Designed for Republic Services to help drivers understand how to control the hazards of Distracted Drivers and Distracted Driving habits – Platinum Best in Show Aurora, Gold Aurora

Our Safety Is In Your Hands  – Public Service film – Pedestrian Safety RT 5:00 Bronze TELLY

The Road Ahead – Employee Communications & Motivational – RT 6:00 Bronze TELLY

Defensive Driving 2012  –  a 5 module series – RT 44:00 CINE Golden Eagle Award, Bronze TELLY

I Wear the Star – Opening video for Republic Services GMC 2012 – RT 6:07 Bronze TELLY, Platinum Best in Show Aurora Award, Gold Aurora Award

The Children’s Place is… –  A public Service film helping AIDS/HIV kids for a not-for-profit group. RT 4:00  CINE Golden Eagle, Gold TELLY

RSI: The Road Ahead –  – Gold Aurora Award

One Fleet –  – Gold Aurora Award

RSI: Automation – Single Stream Recycling – Gold Aurora

On-Site Safety Contractor Orientation Series  – 9 module series covering OSHA’s education requirements. RT: 90:00 The new Interactive on-line version is a 3.5 hours learning experience.  CINE Golden Eagle Award, Gold Philo Award, The Intercom Award, Gold Aurora Award, Bronze CINDY Award, and the VISION National Finalist Award

RSI: Route Observation (English) –  – 2 Gold Aurora Awards

And Many Many More!

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