On-Site 3.0

The Idea Behind This Film Is No Accident

On-Site Safety: A new training system for improving the safety awareness of workers in process industries.

The On-Site Safety Training System Version 3.0 presents generally accepted, industry-tested safe work rules and practices. The target audience is employees and contract employees in process industries.

On-Site Safety Training System is appropriate for use by:

• Refineries

• Pulp and paper plants

• Chemical Companies

• Construction Companies

• Manufacturers

• Safety Councils


OnSite Safety Features

• Credible, real-people testimonials

• Filmed in a variety of plant sites

• Hundreds of visual examples

• Flexible and easy to use

• Fits with materials you’re using

• Reinforces safe behaviors

• Working safely is stressed as each worker’s responsibility

The system features 9 video units, A CD- Rom with power point slide, facilitator guides, testing materials, and a toolbox carrier.

Each video module is loaded with safety ideas, emotional testimonials, examples of safe behaviors, dozens of visuals, animations and graphics. The films are a cost effective way to enliven and enhance your training sessions and to encourage and motivate workers to learn about safety.

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