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Candee Demo Reel

Children’s Place is… 2012
The Children’s Place Association is a safe haven for children and families whose lives have been devastated by illness and poverty. Since opening in 1991, the organization has helped more than 2,000 of Chicago area children and adults affected by HIV/AIDS or other serious health conditions. Services include residential care with 24-hour nursing, specialized early childhood education, summer day camp, mental health counseling, foster care/adoption, supportive family housing and more.

RSI: Automation… It’s for you!
A video produced for Republic Services, Inc. to explain their services.

University of Illinois Chicago School of Public Health
This is a short documentary we created for UIC’s School of Public Health.

Rees Candee Partial credits: Film, tape, CD, DVD & WWW Streaming media

Our Safety Is In Your Hands  – Public Service film – Pedestrian Safety RT 5:00

The Road Ahead – Employee Communications & Motivational – RT 6:00

Defensive Driving 2012  –  a 5 module series – RT 44:00

The Children’s Place is… –  A public Service film helping AIDS/HIV kids for a not-for-profit group.

On-Site Safety Contractor Orientation Series  – 9 module series covering OSHA’s education requirements. RT: 90:00 The new Interactive on-line version is a 3.5 hours learning experience.

BP Castrol Series –  a 5 module series on safe product stewardship/use worldwide.  RT 50:00  Eng. & Spa 

Dr. Lakin’s Wellness Series:  7 modules complete.  An ongoing public service wellness series on the web. Examples include: Water, How Much Do You Really Need?, Your Memory, Constipation, SALT: Finding Your Balance,  SUGAR: Diet & Stress,  3 Specialists & Your Health.

Frank Yankovic: America’s Polka King –  EMMY winner! A PBS documentary on Frankie that aired nationally. RT: 60:00 EMMY Award

Basic Environmental Health and Safety Auditing Skills – a 6 module course. RT 5 hours.

Land Disposal Requirements  – For the Environmental Protection Agency, EPA, 40 CFR parts 262 – 268 RT 20:00

The Band –  Marketing for The Band’s 10th album, “Jubilation”.  RT 7:00.  Gold Philo Award

Modern and Contemporary Art of the Dominican Republic –  The art, history and culture of the

Dominican experience as reflected in the art. For PBS & schools.  RT: 30:00 Best Doc, Saguaro Film Festival

Finding Resolution  – story of victim’s decision to attend or not attend execution of murderer.  RT: 30:00

Partners for a Healthy Community – Hospital fund raiser for capital campaign. RT 12:00  Silver Philo

Journey of the Heart –  Recruiting men to the priesthood. RT 10:00,  Gold Philo Award

Eye Safety 101  – Eng. & Span.  PPE for the eyes. RT 10:00,  Silver Telly

Motorola Campus Blast off  – Recruitment program for Motorola. RT 6:00.  Gold Philo

Faces of Loyola –Recruitment for the Loyola University. RT 9:00, Intercom Silver Plaque

The Refining Process-BP Whiting –  Public Relations. RT 15:00Gold Aurora Award

Opportunities for Local Exchange Carriers –  Marketing. RT 12:00 Bronze Telly Award

Control of Hazardous Energy: Lockout – Training. RT 25:00, Gold Philo Award

EBS Feet on the Street  –Sales/Marketing.  RT 10:00 Bronze Telly Award

Safety and You  – Eng. & Span. Motivational – reasons for working safely.  RT 10:00 Gold Aurora Award

A Belonging Place  –  people coping with aging.   RT: 15:00 Gold Aurora Award, Bronze Philo

Learning Through Play –  Marketing, Promotion for the Mary Meyer School.  RT 15:00

Unlocking the Future of Education  –Public Relations, RT 45:00 Certificate for Creative Excellence

BP’s Clean Fuels Breathrough – Public Relations. RT 14:00, Gold Aurora Award

Heartland America Airshow  –Marketing/Public relations for WGN radio, RT 7:00 Bronze Telly Award

A New Dawn – Safety values promo and Orientation, RT 14:00 Intercom award

Opportunities for Local Exchange Carriers  – Marketing, RT 10:00 Bronze Telly Award

Parent University – Public Service Announcement, RT :30 Bronze Philo Award,

BP’s ISO 14001 Plan  Employee orientation, RT 14:00

Coker Fatality Documentary  – Documentary on accident causation. RT 30:00

Land Disposal Requirements  – Environmental Protection Agency, 40 CFR parts 262 – 268 RT 20:00

Worker’s Right to Know  – Laws & procedures explained in a series of programs.  RT 14:00

Access Living –For Ronald McDonald Charities Corporation.  RT 15:00

Sugar Blues – Health film for kids.  RT 12:00

Hearing conservation: The ReFlex-  New Product Introduction.  RT 8:00

Electrical Connections in Hazardous Locations – Intro to the National Electrical Code articles. RT 17:00


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